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Mouth-Off Episode 21: Jeffrey Weissman SPECIAL FEATURE: on the margins of the mainstream


This month on Mouth-Off I will be continuing with my SPECIAL FEATURE On the Margins of the Mainstream. I had the absolutely pleasure of interviewing JEFFREY WEISSMAN. Jeffrey is an American actor who began performing as a stage actor in 1972. He started his impressive career as a film actor in 1977. Jeffrey has co-starred in dozens of motion films and television productions. Weissman’s first co-starring role was in George Miller's Nightmare at 30,000 Feet; an episode of Twilight Zone the Movie which he appeared in, in 1982. He has since had guest starring roles in Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Max Headroom, Dallas, The Man Show, Diagnosis Murder, Screech’s Guru on Saved by the Bell. Slapdash, The Traveller, Saviour of None, Four Cups of Joe, Corked!, Nobody's Laughing, Dreamland: Mark Twain in Jerusalem, The Show Must Go Online: "Twelfth Night" (mini webseries). His commercial credits include an interactive television commercial for Ameritech and a Christmas commercial for the grocery chain Publix. Jeffrey has done ADR and looping on dozens of projects; Heathers, Loverboy, The Best Times, Crime of Innocence, Pale Rider, Hot Resort, and others. He has also appeared in the 2010 film Chateau Meroux as Roy Hutchinson and the 2015 film The Boat Builder with CHRISTOPHER LLOYD. Jeffrey is best known for taking over the role of GEORGE MCFLY in Back to the Future Part 2 and Part 3.

NB - all clips included in this podcast are used for the purpose of critque and analysis.


Intro Music - music by Clary Saddler

Back to the Future theme [taken from YouTube]

Teddy Conway clip from Pale Rider movie [taken from YouTube]

Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band movie clip [taken from YouTube]

Improvisation clip [taken from Facebook Live]

1997 Sons of the Desert Laurel & Hardy Balloonitics show at the California Theatre in Monterey - Stan Laurel clip [taken from YouTube]

Dreamland: Mark Twain in Jerusalem clip [taken from Jeffrey Weissman’s 2017 Demo Reel on YouTube]

Bottlecaps clip [taken from Jeffrey Weissman’s 2010 Demo Reel on YouTube]

Screech’s Guru clip – Saved by the Bell [taken from YouTube]

Eden Theory Trailor [taken from YouTube]

Get Thee Back to the Future clip [taken from YouTube]

The Show Must go Online Twelfth Night clip [taken from YouTube]

Crispin Glover clip [taken from Sirius XM’s the Sam Roberts Show YouTube]

Back to the Future Part 2 clips [taken from YouTube]

Mr Fusion Band clip from Back to the Future Cruise [taken from YouTube]

Back to the Future Crispin Glover clip [taken from YouTube]

Back to the Future theme [taken from YouTube]

LA Boy – music and lyrics by Jessica Wilde

Outro Music - music by Clary Saddler

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Check out the following links for more info on Jeffrey Weissman.

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@jeffreyjweissman (IG)

@jeffreyweissmanactor (FB)

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