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Mouth-Off BONUS episode part 1: Be Pure Be Vigilant Behave


Mouth-Off is a platform for marginalised groups to get their stories heard. Each episode covers a wide range of topics from disability, gender and religion, to substance abuse, inequality and race.

Music and the arts often play a significant part in each episode of Mouth-Off so this month (and for the next 5 episodes), we have decided to do things a bit differently. We are doing a BONUS mini series called Be Pure, Be Vigilant, Behave exploring the body of work of Welsh rock band, Manic Street Preachers

Manic Street Preachers are a band that we consider to be the ultimate band for marginalised issues. In part 1, Mouth-Off's host Clary Saddler will share her own thoughts of the band, discussing how Manic Street Preachers are intrinsically linked with her journey of self-discovery.


Intro Music - music by Clary Saddler

A Design for Life (Stealth Sonic Orchestra Instrumental Version) - music by Bradfield and Moore, remixed by Stealth Sonic Orchestra 

Suicide Alley - lyrics by Edwards and Wire, music by Bradfield and Moore

Love Sweet Exile - lyrics by Edwards and Wire, music by Bradfield and Moore 

Life Becoming a Landslide - lyrics by Edwards and Wire, music by Bradfield and Moore 

You Love us - lyrics by Edwards and Wire, music by Bradfield and Moore 

Sorrow 16 - lyrics by Edwards and Wire, music by Bradfield and Moore 

Pennyroyal Tea - lyrics and music by Cobain and Nirvana

Revol - lyrics by Edwards and Wire, music by Bradfield and Moore 

New Art Riot - lyrics by Edwards and Wire, music by Bradfield and Moore 

Socialist Serenade - lyrics by Edwards and Wire, music by Bradfield and Moore 

This Sullen Welsh Heart - lyrics by Wire, music by Bradfield and Moore 

Show me the Wonder - lyrics by Wire, music by Bradfield and Moore 

Repeat - lyrics by Edwards and Wire, music by Bradfield and Moore 

We are all her Majesty's Prisioners - lyrics by Edwards and Wire, music by Bradfield and Moore 

Slash N Burn - lyrics by Edwards and Wire, music by Bradfield and Moore 

A Design for Life - lyrics by Wire, music by Bradfield and Moore 

Send Away the Tigers - lyrics by Wire, music by Bradfield and Moore 

Yes - lyrics by Edwards and Wire, music by Bradfield and Moore 

Intravenous Agnostic - lyrics by Wire, music by Bradfield and Moore 

Yourself - lyrics by Edwards and Wire, music by Bradfield and Moore 

Roses in the Hospital - lyrics by Edwards and Wire, music by Bradfield and Moore

Crucific Kiss - lyrics by Edwards and Wire, music by Bradfield and Moore 

Are Mother's Saints? - lyrics by Edwards and Wire, music by Bradfield and Moore 

Doors Closing Slowly - lyrics by Edwards, music by Bradfield and Moore 

Jackie Collins Existential Question Time - lyrics by Edwards , music by Bradfield and Moore 

Journal for Plague Lovers - lyrics by Edwards, music by Bradfield and Moore

She is Suffering - lyrics by Edwards and Wire, music by Bradfield and Moore 

Little Baby Nothing - lyrics by Edwards and Wire, music by Bradfield and Moore 

Motown Junk - lyrics by Edwards and Wire, music by Bradfield and Moore 

Ifwhiteamericatoldthetruthforonedaythenit'sworldwouldfallapart - lyrics by Edwards and Wire, music by Bradfield and Moore 

Let Robeson Sing - lyrics by Wire, music by Bradfield and Moore 

Dead Yankee Drawl - lyrics by Edwards and Wire, music by Bradfield and Moore 

Outro Music - music by Clary Saddler 

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Welcome to mouth of a platform formarginalized groups to get their stories heard, episodes cover a widerange of topics from sexuality and inequality to disability and education.I am Clary, sadly over the next five episodes. I wanted to do something alittle bit different, I'm a creative practitioner, a Jack of all trades ifyou like, but I suppose, first and foremost, I think of myself as a singer.Songwriter music plays a massive part of my life. Most previous episodes ofmouth far have alluded to music and that passion in some way or another. Sorather than sneaking music in through the back door, I wanted to dedicate anentire episode, or in this case a little bonus mini theories withinmouther to music, more specifically, in relation to a band who I consider theultimate band to marginalized issues. This exploration is going to take placeover three episodes. This first episode will act as a sort of introduction with episodes. Two and threeincorporating interviews with am super firm, a podcast host and music analyst,a senior lecture in media theory, an author that is written extensivelyabout the band two musician friends of mine that have met the band and a poetand lyricist has worked closely alongside this band over the years. So, let's dive in, but to day's episode I'll, be lookingat the body of work of Welth, rock and Manic Street preachers. I will be doingso, while considering the socio political and cultural aspects of theirwork, specifically in relation to songs of theirs that are referenced. CLASSDIVIDES INEQUALITY, disability substance, abuse, religion, racism,sexuality, gender and exploitation. Firstly, some background on the band punk esthetic when they emerged on to the scene.Manic Street preachers were cool retro loud and in your face, beanham edly attheir musical influences and image from the Punk Rock Aseed Panias Music forthe margin. Aye is summoned up by songs, like God, save the Queen by sex pistols,which is a song about rebelling against the monarchy and the establishment.Suicide Alley is the manic first official recording it is them at theirmost authentically punk. It was recorded in one thousand ninehundred and eighty eight. I was about eight at the time and only around threehundred copies of the single were pressed Nikki wire, James Name, Bradfield andshorn more were a trio at the time they would be. Fourth, member Richie Edwardswas their friend and driver and he took the photograph that is the singlescover which captured the maniks, posing in a black wood alley, often referredto as suicide ally. They unapologetically take influencesfrom the clash with this single from the title, the musical aesthetic andthe cover of the single, which is basically them all in white with blackleather jackets. The song went virtually unnoticed upon its release,but it did go on to gain some positive press. It was first reviewed by the beatstreet Fanzie in January on Tod, nine hundred and eighty nine, and it wouldlater in the band their first nemy review from the late journalist StevenWales, who declared it single or the week in August. Nineteen, eighty nine manick street preachers or the maniksas they commonly known, formed one thousand nine hundred and eighty six, their original fourth member was basestand hard corled, punk rocker miles woodward or flicker to his friends. At this point, Nikki wire was on RhythmGuitar, Shan More was on drums and James Dim Bradfield was on lead, guitarand vocals gender fluidity. I first becameinterested in Manic Street preachers six years later in one thousand ninehundred and ninety two, when I started oake comprehensive school, a school that the band themselves hadattended and left five years earlier, my music teacher Mister Nigel Jonestook great pride in telling us about this exciting punk band that he hadonce taught the lead singer of the man. James DeanBradfield S had even been in his school...

...choir. He told us that they had had twosingles in the top forty with another two in the top one hundred and thatthey had been featured twice in smash. Hits magazine a magazine, and I had afort lightly subscription to here is their first top forty entry. Itwas released on the twenty eighth of October, one thousand nine hundred andninety one and taken from their debut album generation terrorists. The spokenword introduction is from a poem a quote from a poem by Patrick Jones, theelder brother of Nikki, who we actually had on this podcast in episode six. Soif you haven't heard that yet do check it out, it's a very good interview froma very talented man. The inclusion of this poem, unquote by Camus in thevideo and on the singles caver fills the theme of isolation, which isalluded to be sort of a by product of capitalism, and that's alluded to throughout thesong, really re. The billi think this is the maniks that their most metal wow. I just love that sound state coercion, the destruction causedby capitalist cultures, urban jungles, turning us intoautomatons. The song conjures up that kind ofimagery throughout, and it's done through this rant of angry politicalslogan. Erin the song is laden with wonderfully bizarre turns of phrasethat Manic Street preachers would become both loved and hated for inequal measures. The video is a fun favorite to withHomo or otic image re used throughout playing up to Nikki and Richie's tastefor flamboyance, and gender. Bending Androgeny is also a lyric from staybeautiful, another of their early singles, which states wear a mess ofeyeliner and spray paint a reputation they truly played up to, starting withthis first single in fact, stay beautiful and love. Sweetexhale both show early hints on the part of the band of an identificationwith women and femininity our guest. Emily Hyett will cover thisin a lot more detail. Later on now, I han't heard of the Manik before myencounter with my music teacher, Mister Nigel Jones, but I was instantly hooked on the ideaof them. Even the name Manic Reek preaches whatdid it mean? I had no idea, but I wanted to find out so I went straighthome. I searched through all my past issues of smash it to find the articlesin question, and there they were. I just became obsessed with them beforeI had even heard a single song. I don't know why. I suppose I was anaspiring poet and Songwright er myself. I was intrigued, though, that a bandfrom a similar. How can I put this nicely well to quoteNickie and Richie Similar Shit hole to me? You know I was intrigued at howthey had succeeded in the music business ill, be it I only moderatelyat the time I mean love. Sweet exile...

...picked at number twenty six on thecharts. It's not bad for some lads from black wood, a there's, an h e D. U C, N A! I don't be bulk- have never really been a typicaltest. Oster one field, Matcho rock band, the complete opposite. In fact theiraesthetic has always been defiantly. Gender Bending, even with the reluctant James Partakenin the frills and sparkles early on Nikkia rich's lyrics, have oftenattempted to subvert the stereotype of traditional masculinity, with both of them having written fromthe perspectives of female characters. On numerous occasions for all the bands, arrogance andbravado they've never shied away from revealing their inner sensitivity, they wear their hearts on their sleevesand they do so through songs that question what it means to be a man inmodern day society life becoming a landslide, is a beautiful example ofthis. I always read the lyrics as being nostalgic for a childhood. You know a time when life was easier,but knowing that Richie, an nicky to a certain extent, felt at odds withsociety's expectation of typical manhood. He can't help but wonder ifthere are gender implications in the line. I don't want to be a man. Thissong struck cord with me from a very early age, as I was come into termswith my own sexuality. At the time, antagonists you lever is an abnoxious slap in theface to the array of haters that the band ID swiftly being collected soon after discovering manic streetpreachers, I went to a boot leg record far in black wood miner's institute,which was five minute drive from my house. I caught the bus to black rodesstation, a bus station where I would bump into Shanmoor where in a Sagatshirt about a year later, I took my saved pocket money and boughta boot leg. Casette of one of their life shows for around three pound.Fifty I mean it might have even been...

...less. It might have been a couple ofquid. I can't quite remember. Unfortunately, I don't have thecassette any more, but I do remember it had an orange cover. You Levis was the opening track on thecassette and they were spot on. For me, it was love at first listen, early,maniks vowed, never to write a love song or any song. That would make asweet. Sixteen spoon well, that's not strictly true of theirearly Damos, which include songs with such titles as behave yourself baby,and this girl's got nothing. You can see it here in the title of thisunreleased early man ex track Saro. Sixteen Sarah Sixteen went on to become a beeside for Moton junk their first, a far single to chart and a fan favorite today Sara. Sixteen is a nod to the phrasesweet sixteen and the end line feel like falling in hate is obviously aplay on words of feel like falling in love. As I began delving into the body ofwork of man ex street preachers, I discovered that they were just angrypunks who wanted to stick it to the powers that be even more so after signinto a record label. So the lyric cut your hair in front of business. Men wassaid to be in reference to them, feeling controlled by the label, whosupposedly signed them for being a noxious and antagonistic punks and thenwanted to mould them into something else completely. So to quote Richie intheir second smash hits interview. They signed us up for loads of money forbeing what we are, and now they expect us to start dressing like them andlooking as chronically ugly and boring as them with their crap haircuts and nobrains for a teenager full of pent up ank. Buttoo shy and awkward to ever speak out. The maniks became the outlet. I sodesperately needed history lesson. Vit was through discovering the manicthat my musical horizons broadened and I got into bands such as super ferryanimals, the doors, Navane guns and roses, love them or hate them. The Manik meantsomething and they still do to me. I was blown away by the fact that theyhad a manifesto. They read literature, they studied politics, they loved agood rant and their lyrics were laden with so many obscure references thateach album insert have been reaching for the encyclopaedia and that's prewikipedia days so actual paper and bound encyclopedias delving into their music was aneducational experience for me, as well as a journey of self discovery. I learned about history, politics,geography, literature, sociology, all of this and more throughdeconstructed Manic Street preachers, lyrics. That was one of my favoritepastime, as well as sitting there with... guitar and trying to learn theirsongs by ear, an Wakemanites in point revolt which is lother backwards. Refall is a song that reels off a listof political leaders who of all had sexual or relationship issues and theirreference throughout the song. It's quite a indecipherable song inplaces, but according to Nikki Richie seems to be implying. The relationshipsin politics, like relationships in general, are doomed to be failures fromthe start. That's an interesting viewpoint, if not a somewhat bleak one, a song that is essentially just thelist of names wouldn't normally be appealing to me, but James is stiltedand almost sarcastic delivery, particularly the Chanania in the choruswork really well. The sound on this song and the albumthat it's from Holy Bible is remarkably different to what they would go on toproduce on their break through album. Everything must go released afterrich's disappearance. Interestingly, though, they'd already started workingon a handful of songs from that album with Richie before he disappeared. While I do appreciate bands like oasisand Blair, it's always niggled at me that post Richy Mannix often getmuddled in with the brick pop craze, it's more to do with the time periodthat they were at the peak of their success. I think, rather than theirDILARA has, they have always been a band fullycommitted to their mission statement and they've always had an overtlyphilosophical vision, which I think sets them apart from contemporaries inboth Welsh and British music scenes socialism new art riot is a perfect example, asthe manic early work again with very flash influence, spitting rage andeveryone and everything- and perhaps it's had a bit naive in its execution.Even in those early days, riches lyric struck a cord, particularly the linehospital closures, kill more than car bombs ever will, and it saves moneybecause people are expendable. Sadly, this lyric is as relevant todayas it was then, and during generation, terrorists and heavenly records era.The manic music was full of hate and anger and bile, just like they were as a twelve year old, had previouslyliked bands like Aha and new kids on the block. I found them to be a welcomebreath of fresh air. Their depth and intelligence was something I felt wasmissing from the contemporary music scene. This is as true in two thousandand twenty as it was in one thousand.

Nine hundred and ninety one so a beside,remember them. This was the bee side to t h, onethousand nine hundred and ninety nine single. You stole the Sen from my heart,absolute Banger, of a song, the lyrics to the bee side. Socialistserenade show the maniks attack him, the so called New Labor, thanks toLabor abandoning their socialist policies in order to secure more power, the line. Yes, I have money, but I hatechampagne could be perceived as a dig at politicians labelled as ChampagneSocialists. I E A politician whose upper middle class status and relativewealth, but then at conflict with their alleged socialist views from early on in their career. Much ofthe manic music was driven by slogan, Erin and politics. This isn't somethingthat the pop stars I was listening to in the late S. early s really sangabout unless the song hang in tough by new kids on the block has hiddenmeanings that I've never really before considered yeah. They were, they were otherwisequite shallow and empty in comparison with the depth of the Manic Streetpreachers. So again that drew me in to ManicStreet preachers: Music, with meaning music with heart and soul, music withdepth, and they thought Kalimann was a pure pop genius, a sentiment that I did share and stilldo to this day. Men. After my own heart, Welsh pride. I don't want my children to grow up.Like me, it's Desolata you, it's a mocking DA, always says I wake up with left stillalive. I want to go to sleep, but I cannot close my I I can close my pie. I can't find this war any more time tosurrender time O so line up the firing squads kiss up byto what you want to go in the fog on you can keep on struggling man, youralone, when you along this in well shineing up a esee battle, easy manic strip preachers, have alwaysreferenced and owned their working class roots they'Vedone it with pride,while simultaneously distance in...

...themselves from the stereotypical maybe narrow, mindedness that is sometimes associated with small wealth valleycommunities. More than anything, I think their musichas been heavily influenced by the collapse in industry and the minorstrike that surrounded their home town Blackwood, which is just five miles upthe road from my home town crumbling, even though much like the Maniks I'verisen into a different pay bracket. Now this was a topic that resonated with meas I come from working class background with my grandfather and greatgrandfather and great great grandfather or working in the mines. My father was a carpenter and Iremember money was always tight. Growing up Nicki once described Melancholia as oneof the most uplifting emotion of states for him and that very much resonatethroughout most of the bands working class teemed material. It is also in abundance throughout thesong, this Sullen Welsh heart, the opening track from their two thousandand thirteen in album rewind. The film. This song sets the melancholic tone forthe rest of the album there's a word in Welsh her, if whichbasically means a deep longing for something, especially something inone's home and the Welsh experienced a lot of hero, and I think this isdefinitely true of Manic Street preachers and the addition of a femalevocalist in this song, Lucy rose, really really adds to that sense oflonging and Melancholia. And while I still very much feel myselfas working class at the core, there is an underlying Melancholia thatgoes hand in hand with that. I think you can still feel the shadows of pastlosses hanging over x mining communities even to this day, and youcan definitely hear that throughout the album rewind. The film this just on infoliations t is believes me, the wonder. It's thefirst single from the manic eleventh studio, album rewind the film, and Ithink it's one of their most positive songs, and I take it to be about Welshpride. Show me the wonder: I've seen the birthplace of the universe. We maywrite in English, but our truth remains in Wales. It seems to be when we are younger. Allwe want to do is escape the place that we come from and then, when we getolder, all we want to do is return home. This certainly was the case for myself as time passed, the man ex trulyembraced their heritage and cultural identity wearing their welshes as abadge of honor. Much like I did myself after traveling the world and thenreturn into Wales to live. Wales was overseen a somewhat of a jokeuntil the cool commere music scene emerged in the mids, all of a suddenbands like Catatonia super ferry animals, Sixty foot, dolls, feeder,Gorki, segota monkey, Stereo phonics and, of course, the maniks made it coolto be Welsh again anti monarchy. That,...

I repeat, is a perfect early. Punkexample of the MANIKS anti monarchy sentiments no subjects, no hidden depth, it's likethey're trying to smack the queen in the face with his song. I don't love this track, but it is anessential part of the manic back catalogue. In my humble opinion, and itis great to watch life. They lived through the minor strikethey witnessed. What whales and other working class communities had to endureunder Margaret Thatcher's government, and it has been somewhat mirroredthrough the REXIT FIASCO? Also, it just keeps repeating and repeating same shitdifferent day or rather same shit, different political leader, the manic regard, the Monacean,outdated institution and all Teca. They even refused to play concertswhere the royal family has been in attendance as it goes against theirideals. This song is another tirade of antimonarchist sentiments from a band who claim that treason is their ambition.Another bee side from the motum junk Erer, though it's not a strong, in myopinion as sorrow. Sixteen, it does show a consistency in the bandsmaterial, particularly their early material. I think working class heroes.

The lyrics of this banger slash andburn focus on the exploitation of poor countries by the Western world. Mannick street preaches drawcomparisons to the slash and burn technique in agriculture and the lyrics keep reinforcing thisidea that countries like the USA cause perpetual devastation in developingcountries solely to boost economic growth, all the while servicing theirown consumer economies. The maniks looked at the destructionthat faced the welth valleys and the rest of the world thanks to capitalismand tried to fight back against the powers that be the system. The man herewas an old doom and gloom though Mannix street preachers were glamorous,particularly in the early days I mean come on. Nickie drank baby sham out ofa champagne glass while wearing sunglasses, a head scarf a pink dressand a lapad print fur coat. How much more Glam could you get early Mannix reminded me of myself, notnecessarily glamorous minus the glamorous part, but disillusioned withwhere they were from and desperate to escape the CLUSTERIN and narrow mindedness of their surroundingarea. The Manis have always made me believethat it's possible to change the world through music, a sentiment that mostbricktop bands like oasis seem to lack. The cultural importance of a song likea design for life is as relevant to day, in my opinion, as when it was released,perhaps more so now giving the current climate. Not only is it empowering for workingclass communities. The line libraries gave us power was taken from a quote.Knowledge gives us power, which was on the wall in Newport Library. It also offers a critique of workingclass culture from a band that always strive to rise above the tedium andbanality of Valley's life, while at the same time, sort of embracing it almost. It was also intended as a middle fingerto those middle class bands like blur, whom the maniks felt were trying tohijack working class culture in songs like park life and boys, and girls, misguided well intentions on many Timei.

The song send away the Tigers is acommentary on misguided, well intentions such as the so calledliberation of Irak send away. The Tigers is also a phrasethat British comedian, Tony Hancock, used to say whenever he had starteddrinking Tony Hancock was also one of RitchyEdward's favorite Comedians Nikkar made parallels between thatphrase and the animals being released from the Bagdad Zoo when the alliesinvaded Nikki is also reflecting on how what wesay or what we do can haunt us for the rest of our lives, such as hancock firing, his writers,Tony Blair and Iraq or himself, and the Michael Stipe, Freddy Mercury comment. These smaller actions became the sum ofour parts rather than the greater things that they might have achieved.Perhaps this is playing on nickie's mind somewhat in the lyrics of thissong: Consumerism and exploitation. A writerof this one parenthesis street preachers are a provocative band, andthis was particularly true in the early days. Richie Edwards, his third and finalalbum with the band before his mysterious disappearance, was the HolyBible which was released in one sand, nine hundred and ninety four. Thathappened to be one of my favorite albums of all time. It is a very dark album that manypeople include in the band have speculated reflect rich his mentalstate before he vanished. It is suspected that he took his own lifewhen he disappeared in February nineteen. Ninety five, the lyrics were usually a split, fiftyfifty between Nikki and Richie, but on that album richi contributed aroundseventy per cent of the lyrics. Although the Holy Bible performedpoorly in comparison with their earlier albums, only reaching number six in theUK album, charts and failing to chart at all in European countries, it issince received significant critical acclaim. Them has been featured andlisted highly on lists of the best albums of all time by enemy and melodymaker, the lyric steal, with an array of taboosubjects, including child prostitution, American consumerism, Britishimperialism, freedom of speech, d, The...

Holocaust, Anorexia, serial killers,the death penalty, political revolution, Childhood Fascism, suicide, racism andGen laws in America. This song deals with consumerism andexploitation at the first glance of the lyrics. This song appears to be aboutprostitution and about selling your body for fear of saying. No, why the links to the sex trade industryare obvious. There are undeniable connotations to richie himself and histainted views of music industry, which he is comparing to constitutions for atsoul. This is a mess. This is what Nicki shouts just beforethe chorus, and I think it accurately summers up the track, though itstrangely works, and it harks back to their earlier style, disjointed,chaotic lyrics slogan, Nearing Stream of consciousness, lyricsreminiscent of Richie style in the Holy Bible era, the Manic Prey and post richesdisappearance and never shied away from conflict, and nor are they afraid tocall out the apathy of generations to day. Even if that apathy is coming fromthe very people that bought their records in the mid S, they encourage their fans to challengethe status quote to question everything to fight back, they've, never been afraid of losingtheir fan base, the dramatic change of style on their two thousand Alpe. No,your enemy from which this track is taken from is a testament to this. Tome, it comes across as an obvious attempt at shedding their laddy fans.You know the blokes that sing. We only want to get drunk pissed, thus fatswith their arms around each other right before a fight breaks out betweenthem and the, and I quote: Faggots and Freaks in fur coats and eyeliner at thefront. Substance, abuse and mental illness yourself is a straightforward songabout society's self obsession with rituals and routines, and the selfdiscussed the rich he obviously felt by takin in sense ritual every day, my...

I was an emotionally troubled team,myself, full of south loathing, and this song. I was really resonated withme. It also references riches, alcoholdependency with the line, Alcoholic Hayes. So now at least you can likeyourself yourself, which also at accord with me with the teenager like a top a SA another song penned by Richie andreferring to his self harm and substance, abuse and subsequence phasein Rehab is roses in the hospital. He stated that it's just about the ideaof something beautiful in a decay in place is about people who hurtthemselves in order to concentrate or just to feel something roses in the hospital becomes ametaphor for Tokens, tic flowers that are sent to people in hospital withmental illness purely denso as a token istic gesture symbolic, because well people don'tknow how to deal with the situation and the reality of mental illness. Richiesaid that the flowers only succeeded in making him feel worse, because everyday'd watched them just wilt and decay and slowly die, which is what he felt washappening to him. This is by no means an exhaustive listof songs that deal with substance, abuse and South Harm, particularlyRichie. Edwards's lyrics were full of these sort of references. Songs such asfour stone seven die in the summer time faster, peeled apples I mean these alldeserve honorable mentions and couples other songs penned by Richy Edwards,that's a whole other podcast, really religion. On the surface, this song seems to bean Ode to all maams out there, but the song is actually comparing mothers tosaints with both coming off quite badly. Both the mothers and the SaintsConsider the following lyrics: why...

Worship, God, when a mother is a saint,why worship stone they give life and take it back spit you out butunderstand? The lyric implies that mothers andsaints are comparable because of their equal capacity for compassion andbrutality. This song is taken from an extremepreacher's: Ninth Studio, Album Jena for Bagatis busy self feed drowneth in judgment the s. This is an album that was made upentirely of lyrics, written by Richie, a slight return of Richy Edwards, ifyou like, he left these lyrics with a band justbefore he disappeared and they finally felt that they could and should unearththem. Fifteen years later, there is a lot of religious imagery andiconography in this song and in the whole album and the lyric seemed to be a critiqueon the hypocrisy of religion and the Self Centered Righteousness that Richiefelt people with faith had sometimes you can see this in the line. Silenceis not sacrifice. Crucifixion is the easy life journ off for plague levers. The songtaken from the album of the same name was written while Richie was undergoingpsychiatric treatment, for example, for his self harms and Rexi and hisalcoholism a some of the treatment that he would have underwent, like thetwelve steps for the alcoholism required him to believe, I suppose inChristian values, in a in a higher power if you like, and I think that went against riches nature tobelieve in some sort of benevolent all seeing higher power. So you know ultimately the treatmentdidn't work and was rejected by him. Both Nikki and James had saidpreviously that the treatment that he was receiving almost seemed to be threatening to change him into adifferent personal together. You know embracing sorts of ideas and and beliefs that he would have. Youknow once mocked himself before he got sick, so he started actin a Raticosa I'd go around with theword love written on his knuckles, for example. So I think this Song Journal for PlagueLevers really expresses a distrest and a I don't know, maybe a discontentmentwith disillusionment, maybe with apsychiatric treatment he was undergoing on the surface. It might seem aboutreligion, but I think what Richie is saying is that if God really did existor if God cared about people, then he would do something about the sort ofinjustices in the world.

Religious like Nography, is notsomething that Manic Street preachers have ever shied away from, in fact,their debut album generation. Terrorists has a song called CrucifixKiss, which I play a clip off here. So Crucifix Kiss Is Very Anti Religion,focusing on Christianity lines such as Chris and me, fireNazarine, Nazarin being another name for Jesus and Fura, obviously beingname of a dictator, a supreme leader. The song talks about the ridiculousnessof certain religious ideals, how they just control this and hold his back,allowing leaders to control you questions and our blasphemy Richie has spoken a lot about his lifein the church as a child, how he was taken and how it was always sort ofsome women that would stand up to having people at work with. They were how you're not supposed to askquestions about religion you're just supposed to accept what you're toldotherwise you'll be blasphemin. You know how you should be denying yourselfpleasures in this life or even punishing yourself in some instances,because you'll be rewarded in the after life. That's just kind of a commentaryon that. I think, but, interestingly journal for Plague Levers. There aresome tracks that make you wonder, had richie found God or almost come to terms with these. What he may have seen in the early daysas contradictions within religion ae...

...e tonight we beg tonight. We Beg thequestion: If a married man, a married man, fuck the Catholic and his wifedies without knowing does that make him unfaithful people it's an interest in a title to a songpenned by Richy Edwards that also features on Journal for Plague Levers. It feels somewhat incomplete lyricallyto me, so I don't know it's quite difficult todecipher the actual meaning, and I find it a bit short, but it is very, verycatchy. It's infectious, in fact, with its catchiness, the Awesome James DanBradfield, Guitar Riff, just really elevates the song. For me, you know myonly complaint is that is over too fast lyrically. As I said, I'm not reallysure kind of before you can really do ve deep, thesong is finished. I like the lying about the sex pistols in the chorus. Ilove it. In fact, I think it's really a really cool line. I don't know if itadds much to the overall meaning of the song or even if, if there was anyintended meaning behind it ever than it just sounded really cool. Take nor, for example, the next linesituations sisterhood of Jackie and Joan separates us the questions withouta home. Again, I'm really sure that means. So Iguess rich he's thinking about x, essential questions and those questionsget you question in the meaning of life. Why are we here? What is the purpose? And then you've got someone like JackieCollins? You know making a millions from writing. Trashy trite, Romancenovels, just focus on sex and and that kind of thing rather than even love. You know, maybe that narked Richie, maybe it wasa a little bug bear of his you know the average Joe will happily pick up anovel like holiday wives by Jacky, Collins or, Isuppose, a more contemporary reference might be something like fifty shades, but yet they won't delve into actualphilosophy. They won't read a piece of classic literature or they won't put ona Manic Street preachers record and look at the copious references within their body ofwork. I imagine that might must have been really frustrating for him. Feminism she's suffering is a song that bothmanx street preaches and fans have dismissed as a low pointof the Holy Bible. There has been some dispute as to who,or rather what the she is in the title. Common suggestions is that the she inthe song is suffering itself according to Richie, the she in thesong is desire. He says, and I quote in other biblesand Holy Books, O no truth is possible...

...until you empty yourself of desire, so consider with that in mind than thefollowing line. Beauty finds refuge in herself lovers,wrapped inside each other's lives. Beauty is such a terrible thing. She issuffering yet more than death. She is suffering she's sex. You deeperin she is suffering. You exist within her shadow Nickie and James in Bradfield have bothstated that they dislike the lyrics of this song. Nikki feels that it suffersfrom what he calls man coming to the rescue syndrome. There is another song that has beenretrospectively accused of this. Also I'll play a clip of that here, O little baby. Nothing is a commentary onthe exploitation of women. It a do it with lyrics written by RichyEdwards, and it was originally intended to be Sung with Kaleman Oge, a personalfavorite of mine. She was with stock, ache and andmortimer at the time she was very much a puppet with temple in the string, soPete Waterman didn't even bother to pass on the request in the end, TracyLords ended up doing, which gave the song an interesting slant. Given thatTracy Lords used to be an actress in adult films someways, I argue that if Kaleman Okehad in fact done it, it would have changed the meaning of the song alltogether, making it more about being controlled in a pot princess world.Rather than talking about the true exploitation of women. Many fans on various Manic Streetpreaches forums believe that it is solely to be about the sex industry. I personally believe that it's muchbroader than that consider the following lyrics. No one likes looking at you. Your lackof ego offends male mentality. They need your innocence, to steal vacantlove and to destroy your beauty and virginity used like toys. Then a female part goes on to say mymind is dead. Everybody loves me, wants a slice of me hopelessly passive andcompatible need to belong o the roads. The scary so hold me in your arms. Iwant to be your only possession used used used by men. I think Tracy Lords was a good secondchoice as she added another layer of vulnerability to the song with her past,but is also a good example of a woman who stayed strong in a world that wasdominated by men, where she was most definitely treatedas an objective desire, but then stayed strong within that and owned that thatas much as I love Kaili and I loved when she sang it with the Manik at theshepherd's Bush Empire, I one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight Kili at the time, as I said, would havebeen treated as a manufactured object, a project not so much as anobjective desire, but just a product to be pushed on to the consumers. It wouldhave given the song a completely...

...different slant. Had she sung it on therecord back then many manic street preaches fans on thevarious forums that I mentioned feel that the song has an age dwell. Somefeel that it is this song rather than she is suffering that suffers from aman coming to the rescue syndrome. As a woman, I don't feel that myself. It may be a bit naive or cack handed in its delivery, but I think it's still a great trackthat should have been and should still be applauded for what it was attemptingto do. It was definitely one of the stand out tracks on generation,terrorists, and it happens to be one of my favorites today. So I think it'saged really well, race, Moan junk seem to be making comparisonsbetween the contracts of Moton, recording artist and the slaves thattheir ancestors might have been motum junk, a lifetime of slavery,songs of Love, Echo and the clasp betrayal. So, rather than challenge in this, thesong writers seemed to encourage in it by creating songs which- and I quote,Stop Your Brain Thinking for one six eight seconds. So the maniks are sayingthat by doing this, the recording artists and the songwriters areactually enslave in the minds of the listeners too, regardless of their views on the motorscene. This song, like many moton classics and many Manic Streetpreachers classics, has an amazing malady and a ridiculously catchy chorus.They sometimes tire of their more over played anthems like Australia or youstole the Sun from my heart, but they've played this at every gig. Iever seen them at and I still love hearing it. It'samazing for the whole one six eight seconds, Banger a pure classic sin ties, live coverage of a gainst toRonald Reagan. Ostler joined Special Guest Lady Margaret Atcher. Incelebrating the former presidents third birthday, it a Labuan, see the eventfree on Gott...

...and this. So it's tracked to on the HolyBible. The misplaced calmer in the title andthe lack of spaces is thought to be nicky taken a pop at America's bastardization of the English language and the rest of the song reads: The venomouslist of America's misdeeds consider the following: Harrowing Line: Vital Stats: how White was their skin?An important just another inner city drive by thing. That line still makes my blood run cold,especially here in it to day, then, is the songs of chorus whichsubverts the racial slur. There, ain't no black in the Union Jack, they aregot to be honest. I've always found it a little bit unnecessary. The way thatthey shouted out, conservative, say and Democrat say just before the chorus. Itfeels a bit heavy handed like it's obvious to me what the song is saying. I don't think that's needed necessarily,but it doesn't take away from how relevant that Song was indeed still istoday Ruentes. I, the manic are mostly known fornegatively reference in historical figures in their music. There are a fewnotable exceptions: The love of Richard Nixon and James M, Bradfield's soloalbum even in exile, which is about the legendary protest musician of VictorHarra. For the most part, though, whenmanichee preaches reference, a historical figure, it's usually by wayof attack so criticizing people that are guilty of atrocities, and that kindof thing what to emphasize a really horrificpoint like the start of walking abortion. This track, however, pays tribute tothe historical person in question, which is pal Roberson Robison was an African American base,baritone a constant singer and a shakespearian actor who became famousfor both his cultural accomplishments and for his political activism. He had strong links to the Welshvalleys and joined in with many of the miners protests and marches. Thanks for the MC CARTHY reportimplemented by Senator Joe Mc Carthy in one thousand, nine hundred and fiftyRoberson's passport was taken away due to his commonist sympathies in one thousand nine hundred and fiftytwo because of these restrictions, he was unable to perform at a concert inWales that he had been singing at yearly in Porth Hall, a Sea Side Tone in Wales, where myfather was from. So he ended up singing the Welshnational anthem to the wealth miners over the telephone in the song. Letrobeson sing the manic use the actual applause given to Roberson by theminers at the end of the song, which was a lovely touch.

Having criticized America many timespreviously. It is interesting that the man ex chose to celebrate an Americanfigure. Here, though, I suppose it was the US thatdemonized him was hardly a pro American song, but it's nice to get something abit different from the band. Where is this song said? The emptydrawer shows the maniks at their most anti American. It's a very dense set of lyrics withloads of reference points shows the band doing what they do bestattacking American culture and what they consider the worst aspects ofAmerican culture so things they greed, capitalism, insincerity, hypocrisy here are just some of the referencesfrom that Song Bill in Ted and Wayne's world drawl, just another dull, fuckingboar, so they're, referring to the films, their bill and Ted, a excellentadventure and wains world in which they had their own silly made up language. Then we've got the obvious reference toVietnam, in which American fought against communism in the South EastAgan country, who got Hussein as in Saddam Hussein. Oscar I'm guessingreferring to the film ceremony. The Oscars Greenwich Valley is aneighborhood in New York City, the six counties contentious term for the sixcounties that make up Northern Ireland Redondo Beach, which is in Los AngelesDisney in Walt Disney Tyson, as in Mike Tyson, Red Indian, which is an oldfashioned name for a native American Indians in America, Rodney King andAmerican construction worker was beat up by the Los Angeles Police Departen,one thousand nine hundred and ninety two junior Kennedy to no possibly referringto the children of the famous political family, the Candidis the list goes onreally. This is not a full list of Manic Streetpreaches songs that touch upon issues that affect marginalized groups. Other honorable mentions need to begiven for songs, like method, pretty condemned to rock and roll sleep flowerwhich deal with substance, abuse four stone, seven and die in the summertime which deal with Soutar and songs like gold against the soulwhich touch upon issues such as sexuality, with lines like a thousandMile Garet death ignored every day and who gives a shit about sexuality. There's. Also, the beautiful born agirl which deals with gender DIS morpher, but we'll get to that in the nextepisode. Join me next time. When I interviewAdam Scott Grass Pool certain sections of the fan base would misread a designfor life. You know we don't talk about love. We just want to get drunk likecompletely missing. The irony of that statement, completely forgetting aboutthe context late in Evans and to analyze that song, through the lens ofFeminism Music, is to day actually...

...brings up dichotomies, which thoseresponses do and Demy Hie it. It does sort of sometimes develop intodisability tragedy trot, but I not the holy just pretty well, especially as ifyou look at the hovever with conveying the media in the you know early when,as writing a lot of its very inteet.

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