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JacsJams Episode 4: All Things Westlife


Next up in Mouth-Off, we are featuring our student and longtime collaborator; Jac Richards, aka Mr X. His JacsJams podcast series is brought to you this month as part of our HERITAGE LOTTERY FUNDED project EYE + MATTER.

Jac is a student at Forget-Me-Not-Productions and as part of our MUSIC-CAN sessions, he has been learning about the music business, reviewing, broadcasting and podcasting. In this fourth installment to the JacsJams All Things series, Jac is critiquing and reviewing 'All Things Westlife'. Part of Eye + Matter was going to involve Forget-Me-Not-Productions taking a group of students to watch a relaxed concert. Due to COVID-19 this got cancelled, so Mr X offered to review one of his favourite concerts - which he revisted again virtually during the first lockdown. This is that concert review. Happy listening! 


JacsJams is a nonprofit podcast series created for educational purposes. The music extracts featured in this podcast review are:

Songs featured:

When you're Looking Like that

Flying without Wings

Hello my Love

Hey, Whatever

Uptown Girl

If I Let you go

World of our own

Queen medley

You Raise me up

Better Man


Queen of my Heart

Alone Together

All by Westlife

Rule the World by The Wanted

JacsJams does not own the rights to any of the music featured in this episode.

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Welcome to Jack's jams podcast. I'm Jack. This episode is about all things West Life, cats. To them every boy staring wood, this girl never to west. Lie Far, an Irish boy band that formed in one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight in Sligo, Ireland. The group currently consists of members Shane Phil and Marcus Feeley, key and MEAGAN and Nikki Burn. One of its original members, Brian McFadden, left the band in two thousand and four they broke up in two thousand for and later reunited in two thousand and eighteen. They are primarily a pop act and are well known for their ballads. One thing that makes it all you find it in strange place, places you never knew it could be. Some finding in the face of that children, some finding in the love. Can Not the joy of races. When you found that special thing, you're flying without way. Some Fun Chair never some in the song. You find it in the words of can make you. You find it in the deepest for Real Sche got your church. You...

Know How much dad you found that you're flying with that way. They were managed by Louis Walsh. Brian McFadden was in the original lineup and he left to pursue a solo career in two thousand and four. In Two thousand and sixteen, he joined forces with x boison superstar Keith Duffy. The pair are still touring in two thousand and twenty two and use humor within their shows. I've watching obviage for a while, composition of s trying to stand out, but if you call out I'll be there for nothing. In to let goody, Westlife have released four albums as a five piece and eight albums as a four piece. They rose to fame with their debut international self titled Studio Album West Life. In one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. They have released a total of thirty eight singles, sixteen of which I reached the top of the UK singles chart. They are a chart topping band with the most debut number two singles in the UK charts. They have the most singles certifications in...

...the UK since the Beatles. Well, I give you Dr Because I'm only but it won't tell me philosophy. There's one that makes sens, the one face. Westlife also have the most consecutive number one studio albums in a decade in the UK and Ireland for a band since the Beatles and for a pop band and act since souba. The sound so far black cloud. Swear we why see for ever our dreams for one. So let's taken to carry through the time spy. They have released twelve studio albums, sixteen video albums, one live album, three karaoke albums, fifty eight singles, twenty one promotional singles, nine compilation albums in fifty four music videos. They have with thirty six number one albums worldwide. My personal favorite Westlife album is wild dreams. Tell we always your heart can break. So one never make the same mistakes. I don't want to hear your silent show. We always let you down, so never let you hit the ground. I don't want to see you cry. I've been there. They'll be harder, won't we feel sale?...

You've been down down the road. Know, you know, you don't need nobody else. I'm alone, your alone. It's whatever we should be. We should be alone agether. Know don't need to be beforeever. Who should be alone? Again, we should be. I have seen them in concert life of seven times and I'm going to see them twice this year. I don't have a favorite at all, as I love them all equally. Now I am going to review the twenty tour, a concept that mark the twenty anniversary of Westlife. Why? This next song is about brand new album, po spectrum. This song, it's called better man. Let's sing. It's up like come on, you, I best your baby something that's you only see a movie screen. I know, Bily, I've been missing you like crazy. Oh why did you let me? Just let me go. That's the way to go sometimes, sitting on my own, thing about about baby. You Don you just give me one. The talk consisted of nineteen songs that spend their entire career, including a Queen Medley, three cover versions and two on pause. I watched the show at Birmingham arena. The concert was very entertaining, energetic and I felt very emotional. But I know there's eighty five tho camera folding here tonight, so I want everybody all the way to the back, all the way to the top, please. The guys are falling light. It off me. Looks don't believable. Guys like you sick...

...this beautiful song with us. I am when I more than I can be. I was delighted to hear such hits as you raise me up and if I left you go. It was so lovely to see the band happy to be together again on stage. They were on top form and interacting with each other and the audience throughout the current show, letting you know I never the show was a joyous celebration of the reforming of one of the biggest boy bands ever. While Westlife are best known for their ballads, they also really shone with their APPA condition of world of our own with me. Whatever you be,...

...whatever do that, who's just like I would they prove they can handle the upbeat numbers with songs like Hello, my love you. There were turns. I drive in near the MINUM, but when you're man just still beautiful, and I know that a bunch of way above. So lucky that we fell in love. Sometimes I wonder and I love because you could have someone without a belly of temper perfect teeth. You know, my lips are all I can hold against you. This is all that I ever need you and I happy. My favorite cover version was home is coming, gone away in...

...doublet and wrong. I wanna go home. We are surrounded by Eightyzero people. I since all along, but I want to go home that I wrote to you. You'll find, baby, how just because my word, but you deserve the sunny place. I look, but I wanna go home. I don't usually like Queen, but the Queen Medley, particularly somebody to love, was outstanding. I couldn't pick a favorite song, as the whole set list was amazing and truly captures the band's soul for vocals, I give this tour a five starting thank you for listening to Jack's Chams. Join me next time when I reveal the wanted, sensational greatest hits tour. We Face Garden, we all but can't do. When you get older. You're gonna see Theo. Now you go, you find yourself for shure where the stars raise.

Don't you ever change. And together we came this far. We we can't do it. We.

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